Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Valentine's Day Magazine Project

A few months ago my oldest daughter, Blythe, came home with a grade 5 magazine project.  She had to choose a topic and create a magazine from scratch, complete with feature articles, an interview, original advertisements, an entertainment review and feature editorial.  She had chosen her topic....Party Styling {I was of course excited!}.  Since she would be working on her magazine over a 7 week period and Valentine's Day would fall right in the middle, we decided to style a Valentine's "party" and dessert table for her magazine.  She planned out the baking and the dessert table accessories and I promised to teach her a bit so she could photograph some of the table details herself.

Once I showed her the adorable Simply Sweet Valentine's Day dessert table styled by the TomKat Studio she wanted to style her own dessert table using Kim's new printable collection {and a few of her awesome ideas!}  She wanted a fabric backdrop so we made a trip to the fabric store and she chose a bright red polka dot {it wasn't easy on the eyes but still pretty cute!}.  We stapled it to a large piece of thick foam core, made the "love" banner from Kim's printable collection and added the tissue flower I already had hanging in the craft room from a previous event.  I really encouraged her to use and reuse items she found around the house.

When buying all the baking ingredients at the store Blythe spotted the "cake in a mug" idea on a package and wanted to try that too.  The list was growing of baking treats for the table....cupcakes, cake in a mug, little candy cups, heart shaped brownies, chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies.....yummy!  We started early and froze some of the items so that the Sunday before Valentine's day we could put all the final touches together and she could create her special table.  

She baked the chocolate cupcakes in sweet polka dot baking cups from Shop Sweet Lulu and topped them with the cupcake toppers we printed.  She baked the chocolate brownies and turned them into Valentine's treats using a heart shaped cookie cutter.  I found cute mini milk creamers to bake the "cakes in a mug" in and Blythe chose from my drawer of cupcake liners for the heart shaped silicone cups for the candy mix.  It wouldn't have all been complete without a special treat from Nadine, who showed up as a surprise to Blythe, with a sweet round cake {complete with the grey and red themed hearts}.

Toni, from the TomKat Studio, was so sweet to personalize the labels for Blythe's table {Blythe came up with all the fun names}.  The invitation was even customized to be part of the project.  Even though we styled the dessert table at home and photographed it with all the goodies, Blythe planned all along to transport it to school on Valentine's Day and display it again for everyone to enjoy.  Her teacher agreed to the plan and suggested she write her entertainment review on the display.  But before any of that could happen we had to finish all the details of the table!

Blythe helped make the cupcake toppers, the little straw flags, the labels and the assembly of the Martha Stewart white cake stand.  We even asked some sweet little friends to stop by and be part of Blythe's photo shoot.  It was a real work in progress...and certainly felt like a magazine shoot! {Complete with a little stress from Mom :)}

Blythe tested out her photography skills....

We had a hard time get the lighting just right so I promised Blythe I would move the set up to the fireplace the next day, and try photographing it again.
It gave the table a totally different feel and was really fun to experiment a bit.

After Blythe saw the 2nd set up we packed it all up and we were ready to transport to school for the 14th!
The night before, Blythe addressed all the invitations she planned to hand out to the junior school teachers, inviting them to view the project...and take a treat!  The dessert table was open to everyone and there were even red striped thank you bags filled with cookies {thanks to Toni at TomKat again, who mailed them in the nick of time from the new TomKat Studio Shop!}
I helped Blythe set up while her class was in French and she photographed the final shots.  Turns out....they were the best pics of all!

What a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day! Congrats Blythe, so proud of all your hard work sweetie.
It was so wonderful to create this together.


Glam Adventure Party coming soon! And watch for a London Tea Party, a bit of green for St. Patty's Day, and lots more fun!


  1. beautiful job blythe and everything looked too pretty to eat, but i'm sure it was yummmmmmmy!

  2. Loved it, Blythe!!! So... is event planning in your future? You sure have the talent!
    Love you,