Thursday, March 15, 2012

{Party} Glam Adventure!

Several months ago a friend and neighbour, Lisa, asked me if I would style a party for her twin girls, Ava and Emma.  {I also styled her son's 6th birthday party, a sports theme, read about it here}.  I have known the girls since they were only three and I really adore them, so I was very excited to help them create a party customized just for them.

When trying to come up with something unique and perfect for their personalities, I remembered reading about the Glam Camping photo shoot that Kim, of Tomkat Studio, had styled.  I knew the party would need to be a mix of girl and adventure, to match their love of sports.  The girls came over one Sunday and we chatted about their favorite colors, snacks, treats, cake designs....and what I thought would make a perfect party activity.  The adventure portion would be a combination of a scavenger hunt, the amazing race, a treasure hunt, a food challenge, and a team challenge too!  They loved the idea and so the party planning began!

I showed them pictures of the Glam Camping photo shoot so they could get an idea of fun food that would be warming after an outdoor activity in the cold.  S'mores became the ultimate theme....and at first they wanted everything s'mores.....s'mores cupcakes, a s'mores buffet, and a s'mores cake!  We calmed them down with suggestions of other fun foods and got to work helping them make some final decisions on their cakes.  Lisa agreed to let them have their own cakes and Nadine {Femme Fondants} took all the instructions and delivered two beautifully unique cakes, made with each girls' specifications.  I made a custom flower for Emma's cake and added the extra ribbon to tie it all together the way she wanted.

Lisa trusted me with the planning of every detail, and I had so much fun orchestrating the dessert table, the decor, the adventure activity, and the sweet thank you bags and take home boxes.  I kept teasing Lisa that I would likely be moving half my house up the street for the party....but the day before the party she knew I wasn't really joking!  There were so many amazing colors the girls had chosen and I knew that it would be an eclectic mix, so everything had to come with me, just in case I needed it!

While Lisa was out of the house for a few hours with the girls, we began to transform the downstairs into a special party space just for the girls.  Pillows, rugs, fuzzy throws, tissue flowers, paper medallions, flowers, hanging paper name it we hung it, arranged it, and turned it into a glam party dreamland.  Lisa's friend, Shelley, was on hand to help with all the details {thank goodness} and we used every decoration and every space.
The paper medallions were a fun project and incredibly easy.  {Visit here for the perfect tutorial}

Lisa's dining room table was perfect for the dessert table and when pushed up against the wood room divider it provided a double sided table.  We hung tissue fans and used a gorgeous deep purple throw as the table cover.  Wrapping twistable twine around the legs of the table gave a little bit of that outdoor feel.

I tried my hand at the photography again, trying to capture every detail, it was a bit of extra pressure but I am always eager to try and get it just right. {one day I will take those classes!}

I might say this....or just think it each time....but this dessert table is one of my all time favorites!  I loved that even though we started with a palette of deep pink, purple and lime green, that I could incorporate the twins' other favorite colors and tie it all together.  I didn't really have a full plan, just a sketch of the table and the ideas swimming in my head, so when I started to place things on the table it all just began to sparkle.  I love it when that happens.  I loved incorporating my glam blingy cupcake stand with the wooden tiered rustic stand and the hot turquoise cake plate.  

The dessert table was filled with all the girls' requests.....
the s'mores buffet, chocolate covered apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate
signature monogram cookies {thank you Tracey!}, 
gorgeous cupcakes {Nadine outdid herself with the s'more creations, chocolate and snickerdoodle too!}, 
amazing cake pops by Joanne {Cake Poppin Fun}
giant chocolate chip cookies from Two If By Sea Cafe Bakeshop,
salt water taffy, orange soda pop and hot chocolate in little mason jars.  
I added a few extras I thought the girls might enjoy....oreo pudding cups and home made snickers bars!
{I am so grateful that Tracey was willing to give these a try...they turned out incredible}

Once all the girls had arrived and eaten a little snack, it was time to tell them the plan for the afternoon!
They were broken up into three teams, and they quickly gave themselves team names.  Each team had a chaperone and I gave everyone their instructions and rules for the game.  I passed out colored fabric to mark each team flag and then we all got bundled up and headed to the bottom of the cul-de-sac to start the game!

Each team's spot was marked by a matching fabric for their pit stop.  They began the challenge with a team relay and funny little antics.  Once the team completed the relay they were handed a wooden cylinder box to open for their next clue.  Then the real challenge began and each cylinder clue box sent them on a chase.....a poem to lead to the next clue, a scavenger hunt of very specific items {including 9 Cheetos, a hair tie in the color of their team, an address label, and a decorative band-aide!}.  

They had to return to the pit stop after each challenge, and at one point everyone had to participate in a gum chewing, bubble blowing competition!  

They had to locate a treasure box by decoding a poem and then head back to the house to find a food challenge set up in the garage.  Everyone on the team was blindfolded and fed a mixture of 6 food items.  The team had to name all six ingredients before they could get their last clue.  The food challenge was tricky....each team's concoction was different, so listening to another team shout out ingredients proved futile.  After that it was a race to the pit stops to crown the winning team.  
What a truly fabulous glam ADVENTURE!

After all that excitement it was time for treats!!

The girls had a chance to indulge in all the yumminess on the table.  I had made special memory boards for Ava and Emma and cute mini cards for their friends to write a special message.  We used matching colored push pins to attach all the notes.

Each guest was given adorable ivivva athletica hair scrunchies in sweet polka dot bags from Shop Sweet Lulu and a box to fill with treats from the dessert table.  All the precious printables {including the cupcake toppers, thank you tags, flags and invitations and inserts} were designed by Jennifer Somers-Pepler.

I absolutely loved styling this party for these two sweet, fun, energetic girls.  Ava and Emma have a special place in my heart, and when they decided to ask their friends to make donations to a charity in lieu of gifts....well, I was so warmed by their willingness to give back.  

They chose KidSport Nova Scotia, a program that supports children who are limited financially and are not able to participate in the sport of their choice.  KidSport provides these children with up to to $300 per year for sport registration and/or sporting equipment.  I was happy to make a donation to KidSport in their honor.

"So ALL Kids Can Play"

Love you girls!  Thanks for letting me go crazy and a bit over the top with your party!

St Patty's Day is just around the will you celebrate?


  1. Wow, that was some party!! Can you do mine too?
    Love you,

  2. OMG Jen! I loved every little detail. Fantabulous job. I would have loved working with you on that one. You just have to do one for me one of these years. Can you bring everything with you? :-) xoxo, Mom

  3. A crazy beautiful party...only their wedding will out do that ;)
    I love the medallions!


  4. Candies, chocolates, and many other sweets! This party is a haven for those with a sweet tooth! Candies are really the treasure which kids surely can’t resist. Congrats to an awesome party!

    -Rosalinda Hone