Saturday, December 24, 2011

{Event} Handsmade for Helping - A Truly Magical Night

When I met Lisa Scott 7 months ago at the SHYM Mom's Day Cabaret {read about it here}....I had no idea the light she would bring into my life and the beautiful event I would get to be a part of through Handsmade for Helping.

   Lisa had purchased a custom designed dessert table as part of the silent auction for the Mom's Day Cabaret.  She wanted the table for an event she was planning, all to raise money for education in Ethiopia.  It is a cause very dear to her heart since she and her husband, Toby, adopted their daughter from Ethiopia in 2008.  

So on November 3rd Lisa hosted Handsmade for Helping, a unique fundraiser to support children in Ethiopia through the work of the Canadian Humanitarian Organization for International Relief (CHOIR).
The event was a special holiday shopping evening where one of a kind handmade items could be purchased.  Artists, potters, rug hookers, jewelers, visual artists, fibre artists and more all donated items to sell.  

It was incredible to see the details fall into place as Lisa's vision began to come to life throughout the day of the event.  When Lisa and I first met to plan out her special table I asked her for a color scheme I could work with and all I really wanted to know was what she hoped the feeling of the event would be....and in that brief meeting the ideas for her styled table of sweets began to keep me up at night.  Lisa had such passion for this event and I was so inspired to create something to match her vision.  It all began with a very special backdrop....

Since the event was being held at Alderney Landing Theatre I knew I needed something to block out the wall color!  With the help of my very creative mother I settled on a backdrop with the beautifully simple painting of the event's logo, complete with an actual balloon attached to her hand.  I approached our school's amazing art teacher, Cynthia Lewis, and without hesitation she agreed to adorn a canvas with a sweet version of the little girl holding the balloon.  Thank you Cynthia for bringing her to life.

Saying "thank you" just doesn't seem to be enough when it comes to the incredible women who have continuously supported me with their delicious sweets and treats.  Tracey Lowe, cookie artist extraordinaire, made lollipop cookies and teddy graham smores!  She even came to help me put the table together the day of the event.  Nadine Boutilier {Femme Fondants} offered her scrumptious snicker doodle cupcakes {a favorite of mine!} and added sweet little pink hearts to the tops.  She also made an adorable cake with the logo for the event....too precious!

Jenna Durling {Little Red Kitsch'n} made tasty chocolate cupcakes in original and mini sizes, they were so delicious we all kept sampling them during the event setup!  She also packaged up pink meringue kisses for guests to take home as a memento of the evening.  They were so yummy!

I added my own little touch to the table with a new personal favorite.....chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies wrapped up like little presents.  

To bring all the details together I couldn't resist a request for a custom cupcake topper!  Jennifer Somers-Pepler {Halcraft} has repeatedly come to my rescue with last minute designs that bring everything together.  She is magical!  Her sweet cupcake toppers were the perfect finishing act for the table.  It takes many hands to bring a single dessert table together...including the transport of all the many props!  Thank you to my friend Sonja, who made sure the very large canvas arrived in one piece, then made it back home at the end of the night.

I am grateful once again for the devotion of Jennifer Partridge...she was able to capture every detail before the event unfolded.

The pink and brown details were so perfect for the child-like feel of the event, but the real magic was in all the handmade items that artists donated to support Lisa's efforts.  

With the addition of each handmade item the room began to come alive......and so did all the emotions of a fundraising effort put together from a deep passion for giving back.  When I listened to Lisa speak at her event later that night, I was inspired so deeply by her dedication and obvious commitment to making a difference in the world.  

She made a difference in my life....I can only imagine what she will continue to do for the children of Ethiopia.  Lisa will soon be making the trip back to Ethiopia with CHOIR, to support young Ethiopians in countless ways.  Her event raised over $5000, a goal she was afraid to hope for!  

Thank you Lisa for letting me be a tiny part of this event.

Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas to all!  In less than a week I will be turning 41....which will officially end the Forty 4 Change project.  The last 6 postings will come fast and furious as the timer ticks has been quite the journey.

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