Sunday, November 13, 2011

{Update} Closing in on the Goal....

With 36 acts/events complete...I am nearing the end of Forty 4 Change.  It is just recently that I have been struck by the impact this project has had on my life.  So much is going on this month but I wanted to share a glimpse of things as this begins to wrap up....

Last week I completed part one of what will be #40....a tree for the Mental Health Foundation's Annual Festival of Trees.  The "Tree of Change" is really a culmination of this year long journey of philanthropic acts.  For those who have followed this project from the beginning, you know that this project was born out of a desire to give back, committing to 40 charitable events during this past year.  This challenge blossomed into a journey of such personal growth, inspiration, and meaning and ultimately has given back to me in ways I never could have imagined.

For several years I have wanted to get involved with the Festival of Trees, mostly from the desire to simply design a custom tree and use my creativity.  No matter our religious affiliation, the Christmas tree can be seen as an iconic symbol of giving and hope....and for me this act has become something more than just decorating a tree.  It has turned into a true final act in my Forty 4 Change project.  Through the 'giving back' ideas of family and friends I used the notion of Advent (thank goodness for the education from friends) and created 24 handcrafted boxes - each filled with little treats and treasures, and inspirations for 'pay it forward' acts towards the continuation of giving back in the true sense of the word.

With the incredible support of Props Floral Design and from my good friend Ray Frizzell of Statement Design, my vision for this tree has come to life.  From now until November 24th The Tree of Change can be seen in the window at Statement Design in Halifax.  It will then be transported to the Festival of Trees headquarters where it will be auctioned off in support of the Mental Health Foundation of Halifax.

No peeking!

Visit Statement Design to view The Tree of Change until November 24th
2534 Agricola Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Stay tuned for follow up on The Tree of Change (the creative process and all the details) and the Festival of Trees Gala.

The SHYM spa day was a wonderful success and the Handsmade for Helping event was not only a beautiful fundraiser but it raised over $5000.  More to come on both of those events and much more.


  1. Hi Jenn, I can't wait to see the pics on the big screen. xoxo, Mom

  2. In this Thanksgiving season... I am so grateful for all that you have done and are doing! Forty years is an amazing milestone!