Friday, October 28, 2011

Run for The Cure With PUSH Fitness Halifax!

We hoped and wished and prayed for the sun to be shining when we woke up on Sunday, October 2nd...but no such luck!  It was raining....and then it was pouring...and we were all gathered at the start for the Run for The Cure!  The PUSH Fitness Halifax Team rocked the run, even in the crazy rain!

For a few years now I have been working out at PUSH Fitness Halifax.  Kris Andrews is simply....well, amazing at what he does!  Just try to imagine an environment where no matter how hard you have to work, you still love it....pain and all.  Kris has a way of getting us to get the best from ourselves.  And when he throws in his incredible sense of humor, well, we have a blast....killing ourselves!

This was the second year that Kris put together a PUSH team for Run for The Cure.  Last year we participated as a family and while I ran it with my two daughters (coaxing them along), my husband and my son did the shorter 1km route.  This year however, everyone was determined to run the 5km run!

We huddled under umbrellas and then under cover until race start, and the next generation of PUSH clients was eager to get going!  Our team had six children participate...and all six finished the 5 km run!


At the start line the rain really started to come down, we laughed, we smiled, and danced to the warm up music!  The less than ideal conditions were actually a good reminder for me of why we were all out for the run.  The CIBC Run for the Cure takes place in over 60 communities around the country on the same day each year.  Started by a group in 1992 as a way to build awareness around breast cancer research, the event has grown to raising over 33 million dollars.  Running in a "little" rain felt like a small sacrifice....I am so happy my kids felt the same way!

Finish line!!!
In all my acts or events of philanthropy, I am most grateful to be able to share the experiences with my family.  I was so proud of my 3 children for running this 5 km run and for remembering a special person in our lives who has survived breast cancer.
{Lynne....this one was for you}

Thank you Kris for taking the initiative to put together another PUSH Fitness Team!

The next month is scheduled for the completion of my 40 acts.  I feel a little overwhelmed but I am excited about every event!  If you don't hear from me with a new posting in the next little while, its because things are a little crazy!
This Sunday, October 30th, is our special spa and photo day for the moms and babies of SHYM!
{read about our participation with SHYM here}


  1. Another great effort done by you and your family! How many more good deeds to go before hitting the 40th?

  2. Thanks Heather! Six more acts to go!

  3. Wonderful job! I'm so proud of all of you, and especially the kids. Way to go!

  4. Awesome Gang!! I still can hear Papi talking about how the kids ran a 5K when he took care of them, and they left him in the dust! LoL