Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{Giving Back} Bras Across the Bridge

Imagine over 10,000 bras blowing in the breeze at 337 feet in the air....all to benefit the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation!  

Bras Across the Bridge is an initiative of C100 FM, Samuel & Co., and the Halifax Bridge Commission.  For every bra donated Samuel & Co. donated $1 to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  I first heard about the event when I met Moya Farrell {C100 Breakfast Club} at the Bust a Move event in March of this year.  Earlier this month I asked several friends to go through their bra drawer and get rid of the old ones.  Together we donated over 50 bras to Bras Across the Bridge!  Thanks gals!

On Saturday, September 17th, I ventured onto the MacDonald Bridge to hang bras!  I convinced my husband and three children to come and help me out.  I have to confess, until that day I had never run, walked, or stood anywhere on the bridge.  I drive across it often but that's a bit different in my mind.  It was a beautiful crisp, sunny day but it was also very windy!  I wondered about how the height and I might get along.  The kids were quite the troopers, helping to attach the bras to each other and spread them out along the ropes.  {They were a great distraction from my own height fears, focusing on their safety made me forget about my own.}

The bras were hung a bit high for the kids to reach but they found other ways to help too....

When we arrived at the one end of the bridge we were given the Bras Across the Bridge t-shirts to wear.  The kids proudly dawned their uniforms.

Initially the kids were not super keen on walking along the bridge to hang bras.  Something about the idea just did not appeal to them....there were even a few tears.  But the minute we were up there they embraced the project, I was pretty impressed.

Blythe was really moved when she came across this bra with a special message written on it.  Even after we had walked further along the bridge she wanted to come back and find it again.  Spending the hour hanging bras had alot more impact that I initially expected it would....

We were happy to be a part of this awesome initiative.
The total raised for Breast Cancer?

We aren't stopping at hanging bras...our family will run this weekend in the Run for the Cure!

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