Monday, September 26, 2011

Forty 4 Change Blood Drive - It Was in Us to Give!

A few months ago I donated blood for the first time in over ten years {read about it here}.  I had been contacted by Holly Sinclair, the Community Development Coordinator for Canadian Blood Services,  asking if I would be willing to include blood services in my forty acts.  After making my first donation, I got to work organizing the Forty 4 Change Blood Drive.  My goal?  Get 40 people to commit to donating blood!

Last week,  people arrived throughout the day at the Blood Services Clinic to go through the process of donating their blood....or as my husband says, "giving up a pint."  Some were friends, or friends of friends....

....some were people I have met through this project...

...some were senior students from the school our children attend....

but no matter who they were, they were there to give blood!  

When I started organizing this blood drive I realized pretty quickly how personal the topic of giving blood can be.  
I came across so many people who would have loved to donate but just couldn't....they lived in Europe for an extended period of time, they had low iron, they faint easily!  Even some of the forty who committed and came to donate weren't allowed to for various reasons.  I was just so grateful that so many were willing to come and try!

When I was researching an organization for my daughter to donate art supplies to for her birthday {read about it here}, I was connected with Tanis Crosby, Executive Director of the YWCA.  When Tanis and I were corresponding I casually asked her if she would donate blood at my upcoming blood drive.  She didn't hesitate to commit....but not without telling me that she has a difficult time with the sight of blood!  I made sure I was still at the clinic when Tanis came in for her scheduled time.  I was really impressed that she was willing to do it!  And after her little recovery and a delicious cookie, she proudly wore her "1st Time Donor" sticker.  Thank you Tanis!

Jenna Durling {Little Red Kitsch'n}, Tracey Lowe, and Nadine Boutilier {Femme Fondants} sponsored the sweet cookie table.  Everyone knows that after you give blood you have to have a I made sure we had the very best!  Tracey crafted a "blood drop" cookie and Jenna made her signature hearty oatmeal cranberry treat.  Nadine made the beautiful center piece for the table, and the staff was very disappointed to find out the cake wasn't real!

This was yet another wonderful project to be involved in, and hearing so many people tell me that they wouldn't stop giving blood made it all so worthwhile!  As always, my family was on hand for support.  My three children were keen to walk around offering cookies to the evening group and providing moral support to anyone who might need it.....including Daddy!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the Blood Drive!  

A special thank you to Jen Partridge for capturing all the special moments of the day.  My amazing graphic designer, Jennifer Somers-Pepler, comes to my rescue over and over again...thank you.

33 acts for news on upcoming events!


  1. Oh my gosh, the last pic should be the blood drive poster. Who could say no to those beautiful smiles!

  2. awesome! i love that you have joined the bloody ranks :) keep it up!