Thursday, August 11, 2011

{Giving Back} "It's in You to Give"

A few months ago I was contacted by a feature writer for the Chronicle Herald, she had heard about the Forty 4 Change project and wanted to write a story.  She happened to catch me on a day when I was finally recovering from a terrible cold and I was getting ready to leave on a trip for Italy.  So I had no idea how the article would turn out! The article was featured on the front page of the Arts and Life section while we were away on vacation.  Very soon after I received an email from Holly Sinclair, the Community Development Coordinator for Canadian Blood Services.  She had a wonderful request...would I consider making the Canadian Blood Services one of my "forty?"  

I was thrilled that Holly contacted me.  I had overlooked Blood Services when I was writing down the many ideas for my philanthropic acts or events.  When Holly and I met she filled me in on the desperate need for blood donors.  While living in Calgary my sister had encouraged me to become a regular blood donor.  But since moving to Halifax, eight years ago, I have not donated blood even once.  Holly and I talked about ways to make a greater impact...making people aware of how they can give back.....and the wheels started turning!  

What if I organized a Forty 4 Change Blood Drive?  
{more details on the blood drive below}

My first step was to schedule my own blood donation.  I brought my three children along so they could learn a bit about the importance of giving blood.  They were a great support!

Even though it wasn't technically my first time to donate they offered me the "1st Time Donor" sticker since it had been a while since my last blood donation.

My oldest daughter documented this special act.  It was tougher than you might think!  She had to make sure to only take pictures of me, respecting the privacy of other donors in the room.  It was a little strange for a 9 year old to be walking around with a big camera snapping pictures of her mother giving blood.  

Nothing to be afraid of, I had my support crew!

I consider this to be one of the simplest acts of giving back.  Anyone between the ages of 17 and 71 can donate blood.  There are certainly donor guidelines, but if you are eligible to donate it is truly a wonderful feeling to give blood.  For more information about becoming a blood donor visit the Canadian Blood Services site here.

Now that I have become an active blood donor again, I am hoping to inspire others to do the same.

           "Its in You to Give...."

If 40 of us give blood on September 15th, we will be saving a minimum of 120 lives.  

          For more information about the Forty 4 Change Blood Drive and to schedule your blood donor time slot please contact me here.

You can visit the Canadian Blood Services site for more information on whether you are eligible to give blood.


  1. yeah!!! congratulations on your 'first' donation again :) carry that card around proudly!

  2. Great project!! There is a potential ancillary benefit... years ago when I went in to donate blood (I had been a pretty regular donor), I found out that I had high blood pressure.

    Wish I could support your project personally!

    Love you,

  3. Last year I got my pin for my 10th donation. I was so proud! And then I had to cancel my next scheduled slot, and time got away from me. It's been a year since that last donation - thanks for the reminder! It takes so little to donate - I have a friend who is terrified of needles, but she still gives blood. A testament to the importance of such an act.

    Kudos on your return to the club! This is a wonderful cause and I hope you get a great turnout!

  4. I agree, giving blood is one of the easiest ways to give with the most impact. I remember the first time I gave, it was in high school and they laid me on a table in the library between world history & sci-fi. I also remember getting my first "one gallon" pin, the nurses did a song and dance for me ...who wouldn't want to give after those experiences!! Great job girl :-)