Wednesday, July 27, 2011

{Giving Back} Passing it On....

Since I am in the process of preparing all my notes and detailed information to pass on to the next Chair of our school's parent association, I want to post about the ending of my own 2 year term as Chair.
I do tend to jump into things involving volunteering rather quickly....and on occasion I have realized that perhaps a "yes" should have been a polite "NO!" But taking on the role as Chair of the Armbrae Parents Association {Armbrae Academy} was not one of those occasions. 

Handing over my binder, administrative records, event supplies, etc, will certainly give me a little relief but I will miss this very rewarding and fulfilling job.  It would be easy to talk about all the events we put on, the small fundraising initiatives we're responsible for, and the money we are able to put back into the school community.....and although those are the functions of our parent association, the true rewards for me run a bit deeper.

Being so close to the students and the parents that make up our community has given me an appreciation for what it means to pull together, to be part of a team, and that no matter how many times you ask....someone will always step up and say "yes."  I always had the pleasure of seeing, first hand, the joy and excitement in the students' eyes during a holiday event or a simple milk and cookie day.  That was reward enough...but the "thank you" afterwards was special too.  

I won't lie...the past two years has required a lot of organizing, communicating, planning, emailing, and...well....
who needs sleep anyway?  Its highly overrated!  But when you take on a responsibility and commitment like this one it opens you up to so many possibilities for change.  And giving back to the place that is shaping children (especially my own children) is incredibly rewarding.

At my son's recent Primary Graduation in June, I whipped up a treat table for a little reception for the students and parents.  It had nothing to do with my duties as the APA Chair....but the entire time I was putting it together I kept thinking about how much I love doing things that are not expected. 

cupcake toppers designed by the tomkat studio

 Part of giving back in any philanthropic way, whether its planning a dessert table, making a donation, volunteering, or throwing a the idea that you are doing something to make a change in some one's life, even in a small way.

Lucky for me I won't have to say goodbye....I have no doubt there will be many more opportunities for me to  give back in this community!

Give back oppotunities can come in the simplest for information on the Forty 4 Change Blood Drive
{September 15th}


  1. You never know how something you do will influence or affect others. Your involvement and contributions and hard work for sure do not go unnoticed. Countless people are influenced and inspired... including myself.

    "It takes a village" - so true, but it takes a leader to get going. Tag - you're it!! The malady is infectious and there is no cure. Good thing.

    Love you,

  2. Every time I need to do something I really do not have time to, I think of you, dear cousin, as an inspiration...and then I find the time. I am sure you will miss these two years but you will be in a different role as someone that we can always count on, even for a polite NO. Love,

  3. Dad said it so perfectly. You are an inspirational leader - someone people will follow because your enthusiasm and generosity are nothing short of amazing. I am in awe of you, sis!

  4. Letting go of such a BIG responsibility is very bitter sweet. It will be great to get that time back in you life, and a little less stress too. However, like you said it's not completely good by, I'm sure there will be great opportunities to help. Besides letting go of this "calling" may the door open for something else that needs your passion and creativeness!! Love ya :-) ~Dayna

  5. I love and appreciate your makes me smile, smile and smile!
    Wouldn't it be amazing if we could all work on a philanthropic project together...from all over the world...hmmmm. Think about it.
    love jenn

  6. Jennifer, It's always a joy to read about the fantastic job you do as an awesome volunteer. Your leadership skills are fabulous ... you inspire so many. God Bless. Love, Carolyn