Saturday, July 9, 2011

Close Your Eyes and Make a Wish

My children are obsessed with Perler Beads! If you aren't familar with Perler Beads (you can check them out here), they are tiny beads that you make designs with, cover with wax paper, iron, and fuse together.  

Our little Wish Flower project began with the simple use of perler beads.  Several months ago, on a lazy Saturday afternoon, all 3 children were busy at their craft table making bead designs.  After a while, they began bringing me tray after tray of tiny flower designs to iron.  The mini flowers were in every color you could imagine, and really adorable.

The making of the flowers went on for several days....if it was quiet in the playroom I knew they were busy making bead flowers.  Soon there was a ziploc bag full of over 40 mini flowers.  My middle daughter, Fleur, was intent on getting to 100!  My oldest daughter, Blythe, came into the kitchen with yet another tray full, ready to be ironed.  We began to talk about what could be done with all the flowers and she instantly suggested selling the flowers to support the Children's Wish Foundation.  Blythe and I had been talking alot about the Children's Wish Foundation and other organizations like it.  We make a monthly donation to the Wish Foundation and Blythe had become excited about giving to them after a fellow student donated his birthday money to the organization.  I suggested calling their little flower creations "Wish Flowers", and our project was born.

We were waiting for just the right oppotunity to sell the wish flowers, so the kids just kept making them.

When I returned from Italy, a member of the school student council approached me about borrowing a BBQ for a fundraiser they were organizing.  When I found out the event was a Car Wash/BBQ (Car-B-Que) to support the Wish Foundation I asked if we could arrange to sell the little wish flowers at the car wash!  It was perfect.

The kids topped up their supply in the days before the event, made a poster sign, and discussed how much to sell the flowers for.  When I first mentioned the wish flower idea to my sister in Calgary, she suggested that we punch a hole in the center of each flower and using ribbon, tie the flower around the buyer's wrist.  This way, they could make a wish for a sick child and eventually, when the ribbon fell off, they could hope that their wish would come true.  The kids loved this idea.

We set up our table at the front of the car wash entrance and I helped the kids rehearse what they might want to say to potential buyers.  The flowers became popular pretty quick!  

girls bought them...

boys bought them...

fathers and daughters bought them (matching ones!)...

even the school headmaster bought one....

little ones bought them...

and friends bought them.....

For the first solid hour I cut and tied ribbon, while the kids explained how the wish flowers worked, and where the money would go.  It was a gorgeous, sunny day and the car wash was in full swing!

From 11 am to 2 pm we sold wish flowers.....a total of 107!
The kids decided to charge 50 cents for the small ones and $1.00 for the large ones, and encouraged any other donations.  

We raised $78!!!

Thank you to friends and strangers alike who came and bought Wish Flowers to support the Children's Wish Foundation!

It takes so little show your support to a cause you believe in.  And when we all work together the outcome is even sweeter.

You can check out the Children's Wish Foundation here.

Children's Wish Foundation
Children's Wish Foundation International

I am lucky to get to celebrate Canada Day and the 4th of July!  Watch for how we made this year's Independance Day a day to remember why we are living in free countries.


  1. fantastic! love, love, love how this project turned out! congrats to the kids for raising so much for a great cause. hugs, auntie

  2. That's awesome, and so inspiring. You must be very proud.


  3. Where there's a wish there's a way...
    Kisses and hugs to y'all.
    Much love,

  4. Great work!! You guys are awesome!! What a neat way to help a wonderful charity.
    Love & hugs, Grandma Carolyn

  5. This is terrific! I'm so proud of the kids. Where can I buy a wish flower? I love what they've done, and it's a wonderful cause! Much love, Auntie Chelle

  6. I love it! Way to go kiddos on such a great idea. Wish we were there to buy one. Love ya :-)

  7. I just wanted to say that i Love this idea! i am happy other people make things for a cause! i know from experiance that on the LARGE hexagon you can get 48 of the little flowers on it! just incase you are still making them for the cause! keep it up!