Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Spring Fair to Celebrate

After returning from a fabulous 2 week holiday to Italy, it was back into the swing of things with the planning of our school's Annual Spring Fair.  This fun-filled event may not benefit an organization in need but it certainly rewards a group of amazing Junior school students.  Each year the Armbrae Parents Association (APA) hosts an end of school year afternoon of fun.  As Chair of the APA, its one of my favorite events to organize, and with the help of an amazing team of volunteers, the kids have an absolute ball.

A great Spring Fair always begins with the food!  This year we had M&M Meats bar-b-que all the hamburgers and hot dogs (reducing our stress considerably)!  The fancy fruit skewers above have become a permanent fixture at our fair, providing a healthy treat that looks amazing!  Fruit donations come in from parents and the APA and parent volunteers put all the skewers together.  Its quite a job but the kids love it!

A few years ago, when Tina (a school parent) came up with the fruit skewers idea she also suggested we have bowls of free apples for the kids.  Having a carnival, with all the fun and treats that go with it can present a challenge for maintaining healthy food choices, so the apples and fruit give the kids a yummy snack option.

When you think about a Spring Fair you have to think GAMES...GAMES....GAMES!!!

And since many of these students have been attending the Spring Fair for a few years we have to change things up each year and keep things exciting.  So this year we decided to use our new turf and have traditional potato sac races and a soccer shoot out!  

The potato sacs were fraying and worn out by the end of the day but the kids loved it!

A few years back I coerced our Junior School Principal, Mr. Hiltz, into sitting for the basket toss.  The "victim" wears a basket fitted for his head while the students line up to toss plastic balls into the net.....of course a few balls miss the basket and hit him in the face!  Mr. Hiltz acts like he isn't keen on this game but secretly I know he loves it!  Last year the basket and head gear broke and were tossed out, but somehow I forgot this minor detail and the morning of the fair found myself in a small bind.  Never fear!  Andrea, another school parent, came to the rescue and fashioned a substitute at the last minute!

Mr. Hiltz was so pleased!

Although our weather started off a little overcast and cool, our Dunk Tank volunteers did not let us down.  To kick things off, our Headmaster, Mr. O'Meara, took the first shots.  He didn't have a chance to get used to the idea of being tossed into the freezing water, the first student got him on the first throw!

He wasn't the only good sport....

Thanks Ms. B!

Mrs. Sernyk took a few turns and was still smiling!

Mr. A.J. entertained with his full suited outfit and jokes from the dunk seat!

Healthy snacks are important...but so is the CUPCAKE WALK!

Face painting is an all time favorite too!

The energy at the Spring Fair was contagious and as the weather improved the smiles grew bigger.  There were some very happy prize winners, excited cupcake eaters, potato sac jumpers, and a general spirit of fun!

Towards the end of the day Tina passed out fruit, we made arrangements for the extra food to be donated, and the games kept on going (even after the prizes had run out)!

It was an awesome day!  As with all the events that I am involved with, they always include lots of volunteers.  This event was no exception, thank you to the 25+ volunteers who helped make this fabulous day possible!

The Spring Fair was one of the last of my duties as Chair of the APA.  Watch for my post on that amazing two year experience as well as our Wish Flower fundraiser!

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  1. Wow, another amazing event! I can see an event-planning book in your future!!