Thursday, April 28, 2011

{Event} Bust a Move - Part 2

Six hours of amazing fitness!
Aerobics, Zumba, Yoga, Strength, Party, and Paula Abdul

I promised a Part 2 of our Bust a Move experience.....its taken longer than I planned, but here it is!
I shared all the amazing news of our fundraising success in Part 1 {read about it all here}, and the fabulous experience we had as the bippity boppity boobs! team.  

The five months of lead up to the big event was chronicled here, from our Zumba fundraisers, to our video challenge, sharing all the details of support we received along the way.  It was an experience not to be forgotten.
The actual event was a day of adrenaline, fitness, and lots of jumping and dancing and stretching....and laughing.

Highlights of the day included the Superhero Training Camp and the bust a move group dance all 800 of us did together.  It was a choreographed dance we could watch on the website before the event to get ready for the big day.  

Partner stretching at the end was a special little way to connect with another team member.

The Zumba Party instructors took the stage by storm for session number 2!  It was a high energy, wild session of dance to amazing music from around the world.  Sweat was flyin!

Our yoga expereince in session number 3 {led by Leslie Hunter} was calming, centering and beautiful.

Imagine 36 pink tutus doing downward dog....

....child's pose....

.....and stationary squats!  We were quite the sight!  

Halfway through session number 4 someone tapped me on my shoulder asking me to follow them outside for an interview.  It was a great opportunity to share my reasons for participating and talk about why team bippity boppity boobs! was a fundraising success story.

After sessions 4 and 5 and the necessary bathroom breaks we waited with anticipation the arrival of Paula Abdul to the stage.  Session number 6 was led by Paula and her dancers....a lesson in learning a choreographed dance!  

paula takes the stage

Paula had good intentions....but our brains and our bodies were tired and we sadly were not the eager contestants of So You Think You Can Dance!  
But we persevered...well, some of us stood and watched, and then some went to sit down!  I have a much better appreciation for what dancers must go through to learn a new dance!

The day long event was coming to a close.  The room was clearing out and many of us moved in close to the stage for a last look at Paula and to listen to the final announcement of our total dollars raised......


A very proud moment for everyone.
By this time a few of the bippity boppity boobs! team were still lingering close to the stage.  My good friend Veronica got the attention of one of Paula's dancers, asking her about the tutu we had given.  She enthusiastically told Veronica that Paula LOVED our tutu and had been wearing it around during practices throughout the day!  In a split second decision Veronica leaped onto the stage, with me close behind, and we were face to face with Paul Abdul.  Well, face to face in an exaggeration!  She is pretty tiny!

She offered to have a photo with us and we seized the moment...even after security was called in!

bippity boppity boobs! & paula abdul

It would have been the perfect ending to a fabulous event....but to top it off I was invited at the last minute to the VIP room by our teammate, Deanna and her colleague Sarah.  I was introduced to Moya Farrell of C100 Breakfast Club, and we all toasted to a fantastic event.

I have written many times about the amazing group of team members I was so fortunate to share this experience with...there are too many thanks yous to say to all of them. I am grateful for the support of Jen Partridge, who captures every detail of the events....thank you so much.

Bust a Move 2011 would not have happened without the dedication of all of the participants, the staff, the volunteers.....and specifically the Manager, Trish Berry.  For five months she was an incredible champion of me, our team and our efforts.  Thank you Trish!

jenn & trish

Watch for postings on the Maritime Conservatory's Cabaret and an upcoming event to support SHYM, Supportive Housing for Young Mothers!

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  1. Love it!! How awesome, and i did love the downward dog tut ..priceless!