Saturday, April 9, 2011

{Event} Bust a Move - Part 1

A team of 36 set out to achieve the amazing.....and WE DID IT!

It was thrilling just to be there, with my 35 team members....and some 800 others!  We raised money individually, as a team, and supported each other to the final day....

Bust a Move  2011
Team bippity boppity boobs! rocked the house

How do I write, in just one post, about this amazing experience, the phenomenal people, and the incredible feeling of being a part of it all?  I can't!  So this is Part 1....bare with me as I recount all the details and overload you with pictures!!

{team bippity boppity boobs! - less a few members}

If you have been following along with this journey you will know that my quest for Bust a Move started months ago.  After participating last year I knew I wanted to captain my own team at the 2nd Annual event.  Knowing I was going to embark on 40 philanthropic acts this year I signed up on the Bust a Move website and registered as a Team Captain.  My good friend Veronica helped me come up with the team name, bippity boppity boobs!, and was one of the first to sign up for the fun.  My hope was that a group of ten friends would be willing to join me in raising $1000 each, work out for 6 hours and feel fantastic about joining a great cause.  How could I ever have imagined it would have turned into such an unbelievable success!

The story behind our success...
{amazing photos of the Bust a Move event, all captured by Jen Partridge}

{veronica and jennifer showing off our fitflop sneakers, sponsored by joanne david accessories}

Ten friends soon grew to 16...then 18.  I accepted the challenge of recruiting 40 team seemed fitting.  I was on a mission!  After the Bust a Move rally we grew by another 4 members.  On January 23rd, Live at Five did a story on Forty 4 Change {watch it here}, we were 27 strong by then.  We added our 2 faithful, male participants!  We inherited another 4 from a team that might otherwise have dissolved, it was lucky for all of us.  We just kept growing and growing.  One team member, Sheila, had seen the Live at Five piece on the National news and wrote in asking to be hooked up with our team.  We had hit the 40 mark!  Unfortunately, we lost a few along the way, participants had other commitments that had to take precedence....but we plugged on, 36 dedicated team members!

{here we are "busting it" during the first aerobics hour}

Many came to our first team fundraising effort, a Zumba session {read about it here}.  Many bought raffle tickets for our amazing $1200 basket.  Another group came and joined in at our second Zumba session {find it here}.
Countless supporters made donations online, gave us generous cheques {some even creatively packaged}, and cheered us all on with words of encouragement and unwavering votes of confidence.  We created a video for the Bust a Move video challenge {watch it here} and had our video featured on Breakfast Television.  

For me, this had become more than one of 40 projects, I felt such dedication to supporting this cause, and was determined to do everything....and I mean everything possible to help our team reach our goal of $36,000.

{our mother/daughter team members}

BUT it wasn't all about raising the money....there had to be a team uniform...and not just any uniform...
Every person who joined our team was "informed" of the fabulous uniform they would get to wear as a member of the bippity boppity boobs!  I am still impressed that I received almost no resistance to the very dynamic, pink, uniform plan.  And YES, even the men knew they would be wearing our custom made.....simply fabulous.....very PINK and blingy....TUTUS!!!

Who can resist a man in a pink tutu?....well, I am a little partial since one is my husband!

The dynamic duo of Fenny and Lolo, Jocelyn Firth and Krista Brownlow, made our custom tutus.  I met them at the Forum Holiday show back in November and when I saw their tutus I knew they could create the perfect Bust a Move pink tutu for our team.  They were very keen to support us and spent months collecting waist sizes to create 36 identical, bouncing pink tutus.  They even made a special tutu for Paula Abdul, which we successfully delivered to her the day of the event!

{paula's tutu}

I held 2 open house nights the week of Bust a Move so everyone could pick up their pink tutu, knee high sport socks and monogrammed black t-shirt.  Veronica picked out pink and blingy accessories and made sure everyone had either pink hair, a fancy glove, or pink shoelaces the day of the event.  She even purchased my unique pink and black polka dotted bra I wore on the outside of my top!  

{taking breast health awareness to a whole new level!}

Eight days before Bust a Move our team page showed a total of $33,000 raised.  On Friday, March 25th, 2011, {one day before Bust a Move} our total climbed to over $44,000!  And the donations didn't stop there.  During the event on Saturday, I received a notification on my phone of another donation made that day online, followed by an email of encouragement from another supporter.  I felt amazing pride for a team that pulled together to the very end.  Not only did we raise well over our goal, we were the largest non-corporate team and we came 2nd in team fundraising efforts.  

This team was made up of some very special friends.  I am thankful that so many of you believed in me and this event to give so much of yourselves.  I had the privilege of meeting some new friends who joined in without hesitation, bringing with them enthusiasm and a genuine commitment.  Everyone who participated had a special reason for taking on this challenge...I know we all felt pride for doing it.

joanna + julie

jennifer + sheila

Sheila joined our team having just met her $1000 fundraising goal.  She shared her story with me and our team, about her inspiration for participating in this event.  She travelled all the way from Quebec to bring awareness to a cancer her own mother has survived twice.  Shortly after "meeting" Sheila I started referring to her as my fairy godmother.  She would send me little emails of support, sharing her fundraising successes, and tell me what a good thing I was doing.  She sold pink cupcakes by the hundreds, raffled items her own family members had made, and persisted in raising over $2000.  Her attitude and spirit moved me....and her treasured notes kept me positive.

"You are a role model to your beautiful children, family, friends, community, even strangers.  You are definitely making a difference in the world."

I do not know what we did to deserve this special team member, thank you Sheila.

renee, jenn, sonja, betty, deanna

 jenn + kelly

colleen + jenn

jenn + jen partridge

Watch for Bust a Move Part 2 with photos of all the action, including our tutus doing downward dog, and an impromptu meeting with Paula Abdul!


  1. Love this!! And now sans cast, can't believe I endured 6 hours with it on! :)

  2. WOWSERS!!! what an INCREDIBLE event and congratulations to the whole team of amazing men and women!

  3. I love what free spirits you all are, especially the boys!! Great job girl are making a difference & motivating others to do so. Love ya :-)

  4. I absolutely LOVE the tutus! Congrats on your big success. Sheila is right - you and the entire team have made a difference. I'm so proud of you!

  5. WOWmazing would be an understatement!! Certainly not incredible... whatever you take on, you make it work... that's for sure credible! Extraordinary, yeah, that's it. A very proud Dad I am, and a very proud Jennifer you certainly should be!!! Love you!

  6. WOW!! You are such a beautiful person Jennifer!! I am honored to have made the tutus for those great cause. Congratulations!! xo

  7. Simply amazing!! Thank you for doing such an amazing job as team captain, you worked so hard and evidently it was well worth it! Can't wait for next year xo.

  8. WOW, I have been bragging about you to my weaving class and they are very impressed. What a phenomenal job you are doing for Cancer awareness, and making people aware that everyone can do something, large or small to make an impact for this cause. Congrats to you and all your amazing friends! xoxo Mom

  9. Just amazing. Jennifer, like everyone else, I am so impressed with all that you have done. When you decide that something needs doing, you jump into the fray and do it. You see what "is" and then transform it into what it "ought" to be. I applaud you for all the magnificent work you've done. We miss you in Calgary. Rabbi Howard