Sunday, March 20, 2011

Surprise "Support" for bippity boppity boobs!

DO you ever have those moments where someone takes you completely by surprise....doing something so unexpected you are left with a permanent smile on your face?

I LOVE those moments!

A week ago, after our boot camp workout, {with our fantastic trainer, Kris, with PUSH Fitness!}, we were gathered together because someone had an announcement.  Gary, a fellow boot camper, stepped forward with a box in hand, and asked to present something to the bippity boppity boobs! team members who were at the class.  We were all totally shocked!  The above note was taped to the the outside of the box and Gary presented us with......

.....beautiful "breast-i-full" cookies!!!!!

I was absolutely speechless!  The cookies were not only adorable but delicious too!  And we couldn't help imagining Gary in the kitchen the night before meticulously icing our special treats.

Thank you Gary!  Your extra "support" made us all feel special!  We will not let you down when we Bust a Move on March 26th!  We will be thinking of you when we exercise for 6 hours of fun.

Like I have said many doesn't take much to give back...its actually the little acts of kindness that go the longest way.

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