Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Count Down to Bust a Move...

Five months ago I signed up as a team captain for Bust a Move 2011....in four days, my team of 36 amazing individuals, will participate in an incredible day of fitness and exhilarating camaraderie....all for one reason!
Build awareness....build support.....build a world-class Breast Health Centre!
I am so excited for this big day.  Hours and hours of fundraising have gone into supporting this amazing event.  I won't reveal our total dollars raised....not yet, but I will share a few details of our recent activity and some last minute support that makes all the difference.

Our Zumba team fundraiser a few weeks ago was so well received that we decided to do it one more time.  We had a wonderful turn out!  We sold more raffle tickets for our basket valued at $1,200, gave away door prizes, and exercised to the beat of amazing music.  Sonja Esber, our Zumba instructor, led a great class, and got us all geared up for what's to come this Saturday!  {Click here to contact Sonja for her Zumba class schedule!}

{our littlest participant!}

{jennifer and sonja}

{team members: ellen, natalie, kim}

We raised over $300 for our team! Thank you to everyone for coming out and participating in support of this very important cause!


bippity boppity boobs! Video Challenge Update!
About a month ago our team submitted a video for the Bust a Move video challenge {you can read about it here}.  Last week we found out our video was chosen as one of the four winners!  Just yesterday we learned that our video was also chosen to be aired on Breakfast Television, a local Halifax morning news program.  

So if you are local you can tune in 
Thursday, March 24th, Breakfast Television
 between 7 and 7:30 a.m.  
Catch us live!

I am always saying that its the small acts...the ones you least expect, that can make such a difference.  It has an even greater impact when the act comes from a child.  After our Zumba session on Sunday, one of my daughters came to me in the kitchen with a special hand made card.

Thank you sweetie, I will hand deliver this donation.

Every once in a while I check the audience on this blog, and I am always amazed to see followers from all over the world.  Someone said to me recently...no matter where we live, what we have, or what culture we experience...we all have things in common: we laugh, we smile, we connect, we communicate, we cry.  And somewhere in the world, someone is connecting with their own community, sharing a part of themselves....that is what inspires me.  


  1. so awesome! congrats on the video, all the money donations to date and of course raising wonderfully generous children!

  2. Woohoo! I'm so excited for you all! Congrats to the Bippity Boppity Boobs team - have a blast! You're doing a wonderful thing!

  3. All the best to the team for tomorrow's marathon event! Y'all are soooo inspiring!