Tuesday, March 1, 2011

bippity boppity boobs! Takes the Video Challenge!

{all photographs by Adam Cornick}

On March 26th I will be participating, along with some 800 other people, in the Bust a Move challenge.  I have talked about this exciting fundraiser in earlier posts {read about it here}, and recently some of our team embarked on the Bust a Move video challenge.

Bust a Move for Breast Health will raise money for a much needed Women's Breast Health Centre in the Maritimes.  Every participant must raise $1000!  Our team, bippity boppity boobs! is well on its way to achieving a team fundraising goal of $36,000.  A few weeks ago we reached a total of 40 team participants, and although some participants have had to withdraw, we are gearing up for an exciting day of 6 hours of fitness.  

Bust a Move put out a challenge to all participants....a Video Challenge!  I hate to walk away from a challenge, but I knew it would be one more thing to organize!!  I was lucky to be approached by Ellen, at the Bust a Move rally, and after joining our team she was very keen to spear head our team's video.  She did an unbelievable job organizing everything, she has incredible enthusiasm, energy, and spirit, and I feel privileged to be participating with her.  She came up with a silent film video idea, and together with a small group, planned every last detail needed to make it all happen.  

SO, on a very cold Sunday morning, we met in the parking lot of the Nova Scotia Breast Screening Clinic.  Scheduling these things can be tricky, and although we were a small group, we were willing participants!  We were very lucky to have Adam Cornick, a friend and fabulous photographer, agree to do the video taping and shoot the odd photo in between takes!  Thank you Adam.

Everyone was a Bust a Move hero that day....but one person took the Hero award....

{not a bad looking woman!}

Wayne, my husband, agreed to play the role of the man dressed as a woman, afraid to say he wants to have a mammogram.  You will have to watch the video to get the real effect, but Wayne was a real sport!  And even with all that extra "padding" he still froze!

Once all the footage was done, we handed it over to James, the husband of our team member Megan, who graciously agreed to edit it into a mini movie for You Tube.  We cannot say thank you enough James!  

{colleen, stephanie, and ellen}

Although there are a few perks to having our video chosen as a winner....I think we would all agree that it was a blast putting it together, and once again, working to raise awareness about breast cancer is the real main event!


bippity boppity boobs!

Click on the link to view our YouTube submission.
There is still time to make a donation to Bust a Move, just visit the link below to support our team.

{bippity boppity boobs! stars of the video}

Thank you team!
If you are local, come out to our team's ZUMBA Fitness fundraiser!
Thursday, March 3rd
Armbrae Academy AARC
1400 Oxford Street
6:45 p.m. - $10 per person
Our resident Zumba Instructor, Sonja, will be teaching this super fun class!


  1. ha ha ha! That was awesome! Wayne was definitely a star, but you're all doing an amazing thing and whatever happens with this video, you will have raised awareness of your cause in a very fun way! Kudos!

  2. lol! that was excellent! your sure to win and raise awareness!!