Thursday, February 17, 2011

{Party Details} All the Treats You Can Eat!

{Partridge Photography}

I promised I would share all the birthday party details, so here they are!  To celebrate a milestone surrounded by close friends and family was very special.  The party started to be referred to as the "Ba-Wedding" (ba is pronounced like the sound the "b" makes) took on this little nickname because of all the wedding-like details!  I do like to take things a bit over the top so it was fitting that we began with a theme...

black, white, and bling

and a little ditty
"forget over the hill, we're going over the top!"

and the rest took care of itself...well not exactly.

{a little black, white and bling chocolate bars}

I absolutely love planning parties, specifically the treats for a party, so when it came time to throw all my ideas in the hat and pick the best ones for this gathering I realized I didn't really need to choose at all...I could do everything I wanted...and I do mean everything!

But the real purpose of sharing all this detail is to be able to say thank you!  I promise not to bore you but a few need mentioning...
FRED. is an amazing venue for a party of any size and when I approached Fred and Joel (the dynamic duo of Fred Salon and Whet Cafe) they were game for a birthday/New Year's Eve celebration.  I can still remember my planning dinner with Fred at local restaurant Ristorante A Mano (a favorite of mine!), where the two of us poured over details for the "Ba-Wedding", specifically choosing a bustling atmosphere to mask our 2 loud, excited voices.  From cupcakes to whoopie pies, thank you to Fred and Joel for helping execute a flawless evening.

Every piece of paper for the party was specifically designed and fact I think I tortured my designer, the very talented Jennifer with Halcraft Printing.  She tirelessly worked with me to get every detail exactly right!  In fact, I think I became friends with half the staff at Halcraft, I spent so much time there.  Their enthusiasm for the tiny details and ideas kept it all incredibly fun!!

{red velvet upside down cake pops}

Since treats were a major theme here, many had to be created by my trusted baker friend, Tracey Lowe.  Cookies on a stick, red velvet cake pops, you name it!  Simply delicious!  Watch for many more creations by Tracey.

All the amazing photos from the night were captured by Jennifer Partridge of Partridge Photography.  Her name was given to me by a close friend and I am still amazed looking back at her photos!  After the party Jen and I sat down to talk about Forty 4 Change.  She was keen to get involved and offered to help document as many events/acts as possible through the year!  Watch for many more great photos from her.

Although this feels a little like a "thank you" speech, creating something this special for a cause I am passionate about was not done single-handedly, so thank you's are a precious part of anything we do in life worth doing.  So of course....thank you to my husband, my 3 sweet children, best friends, and family for helping me pull it all together...and for not calling me crazy...too many times!

just a few more mentions!

Cake - Tier It Up (every girl needs a 5 tier cake on her birthday...right?)
Cupcakes and whoopie pies - FRED. (Whet Cafe)
Oreo pops, petit fours, handcrafted chocolates & damask oreos - Sweeties by Kim

Check back for the next party post...a first birthday to help the animals!

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  1. The photos really turned out awesome! What a wonderful way to commemorate what was a very special occasion. "Over the top" works for you - keep it up! ;) Can't wait to hear about the next event!