Monday, February 21, 2011

A Full Circle Moment

I love it when a full circle moment happens...when some one's actions inspire another person, which in turn inspires another, and so on and so on until the inspiration makes a complete circle of giving.  

My niece, Bronwyn, recently celebrated her 11th birthday.   It seems I am on a birthday kick lately.  For her birthday party Bronwyn decided on a theme of Alien/Space characters.  The guests had to come dressed as their favorite characters from their favorite movies.  When the girls arrived they received one of the adorable green alien bags which contained mixed flavored popcorn as well as a purple bag they could fill with yummy treats from Bronwyn's candy bar!  The birthday party wasn't only great for treats and pizza, it was also a way for Bronwyn to give back.  She asked all her guests to bring a donation to the Calgary Humane Society in lieu of gifts.  She put in $30 of her own money and together they were able to donate $150!  

You might be thinking that the inspiration for Bronwyn's giving came from my Forty 4 Change project, but actually Bronwyn has been the one to inspire me.  She certainly isn't new to the concept of giving back.  A few years ago, "Beebs" (as I call her) and my nephew Finn decided to shave their heads for cancer, wanting to support a friend of Bronwyn's.  The story got out and they ended up raising $5,600!  I still get goosebumps thinking about it and although it was difficult to see the first picture of them together, practically bald, I was so moved by their act of incredible kindness.  Years before that Beebs and my sister, Stacey, grew their hair and then cut all of it off to donate to an organization to make wigs for cancer victims, raising $2,300!  

My oldest daughter was inspired by her cousins and embarked on her own fundraising effort in 2008, creating the Change for Life event (which raised over $5,000 for the IWK Foundation).  And there have been many more giving back efforts over the past several years.....driving that circle forward.  

Today, it occurred to me that I could complete this circle of giving and make a donation in Bronwyn's honor to her birthday organization, the Calgary Humane Society.  I plan to keep these circles of giving in motion...

thank you beebs, YOU inspire me


  1. thank you auntie, that was a really nice article you wrote! and you inspire me too! and thank you for making a donation to my charity, i really want to help the animals :) i love you, bronwyn