Monday, January 31, 2011

Suetables Jewelry Party to Benefit bippity boppity boobs!

(customized jewelry on the spot!)

Today I attended a Suetables Jewelry party that one of our bippity boppity boobs! team members organized.  Victoria Bell is the Nova Scotia representative for Suetables, an awesome jewelry advisor and supporter of Bust a Move!  She agreed to give 10% of the days proceeds to the bippity boppity boobs! team.  Joanna Flemming (our team member) organized the Valentine's themed gathering at her home and it was a busy afternoon....Victoria was hand stamping jewelry for over 4 hours! Thank you Victoria. :)

(Joanna, Victoria, and Me)

Attending this party today reminded me of how quickly things grow.....what started out as a small way of getting involved has turned into something really amazing.  I only planned to have a small team of 10 friends participate in the Bust a Move challenge....that quickly grew to 16, then 18.  I was ecstatic about the support and the enthusiasm of the team.  Two weeks ago, during a meeting at the QEII Foundation office, I somehow accepted the challenge of getting 40 team members....after all, I am focused on 40 philanthropic acts.  Our team has since grown from 18 to 32 (and counting).  But its not really the numbers that gets me excited...its the contagious enthusiasm, excitement, passion, and dedication that comes from people working together towards a common goal.  It makes me feel electric to be a part of it.

Bust a Move may be only one of the 40 events I will do this year....but it has quickly become a greater passion than I expected.

(speaking of unexpected....)

Since Joanna was doing the party today with a Valentine's theme she had to give us all a little pink! Turns out that Susie's Shortbreads has a Bust a Move cupcake!  

Victoria has agreed to donate 10% of your orders to our Bust a Move team!  She is extending this offer for 3months!  
Make sure to place your order directly through Victoria

So much is happening with Forty 4 Change...I almost can't keep up...and its only January 3oth!!  
Stay Tuned!

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