Monday, January 17, 2011

{PRESS} - Metro Halifax - Forty 4 Change Project makes the front page!

The Forty 4 Change project made the front page of Metro Halifax today!  It may be a free local daily paper, but it was still pretty exciting!  I was asked to do the interview by Bust a Move for Breast Health, an amazing Halifax based fundraiser.  After participating in the event last year I was inspired to put a team together for this year's challenge.  It started out as a desire to have a team of 10 friends, raising $1000 each to participate, and supporting a much needed breast health facitlity for Nova Scotia.  But after a few chance meetings with some amazing women, it has quickly a team of 18!  In fact, just today our team ranked in the Top 5 for fundraising dollars so far!  Way to go team bippity boppity boobs!

Just before the interview last Friday I was meeting with a few of the Bust a Move staff and somehow I agreed to a new goal...a team of 40!  Crazy, I know, but possible!  So if any of you out there have not joined a team and want to jump on board, WE WANT YOU! 

On March 26th, team bippity boppity boobs, along with some 800 other participants, will be embarking on a 6 hour exercise event.  I have marked this event as the official "Grand Opening" to the Forty 4 Change project.  Not to worry, there will be many events before this one, but stay tuned for updates and a full event recount.

For all those who know me.........I just couldn't resist!!!


  1. Congrats on the press! In the PR world the front page of Metro is very impressive :).

  2. nice press! i would have been disappointed if you DIDN'T cop a wee feel ;)

  3. would be you able to resist paula in real life?